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Welcome to EPB site. Basically EPB means ''Export promotion Bureau'' which trade organisation in Bangladesh. Here will be get various type of support which such as garment, fisheries, pady, jute, & international fair. But here I try to mentioned mainly garment related article which is macing this site. Mainly here garments fundamental about GSP & other garments related information shared.
I hope you will get suitable knowledge & info from our site. If you have any kinds quota feel free inform by comments.
EPB Mission :
EPB is a largest institute of Bangladesh. EPB enrollment to achieve his mission step by step. For this manner EPB seen realistic dream to make good faith & sustainable business plat form in the world.

What Kinds of service will be get from EPB:

  • GSP
  • Trade Fair
  • Trade Facilities (Home & Abroad) 
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EPB Related Contents of This Site:
01. How to get Member from EPB.
02. How to get Member Ship Renewal from EPB.
03. What is GSP?
04. what is SAFTA.
05. What is CHINA CO.
07. How to get CHINA CO.
08. How to get GSP tracker.
09. what is Textiles GSP & Non- Textiles GSP.
10. How many charge will be paid EPB      various  kinds of services .

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