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Welcome to our Banking site. Specially Bank working various kinds work. So, here we share basic work Foreign Exchange duty . As well as we focus LC related.
The main objective of the BANKING is to provide the practical knowledge to highlight the Documentation & Banking Procedure of Import-Export Business in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a developing country and here the main growing sectors and Industries are Garments, Pharmaceuticals, Leather, Ceramics, Plastics, Steel, Shipbuilding and many other reputable sectors and industries. All the Industries and sectors are depends on their raw materials from overseas countries and which are coming through import from all over the world. Besides, after producing the finish goods, we are also exporting to throughout the world.

So, there is a huge scope and possibility to do Export – Import Business, to earn money as well as Earning of Foreign Currency from all over the world. Educated & Jobless people must be benefited to engage them in this profession and they can play a major important role for the earning of foreign currency in Bangladesh. Besides, RMG GUIDE follower can build up their carrier with the concept of this site.

How will benefit from this site?

1) RMG GUIDE changes the core skills and competencies of a person. So, it makes a trainee to be equipped with some more efficient and effective to do his job perfectly.
2) Follower has benefited us to give more knowledge for our regular works to do in an effective way and somebody can earn money as well as Foreign Currency through this site of Documentation & Banking Procedure of Import-Export Business.
3) To improve skills of follower on Export- Import-Indenting-International Tender related jobs effectively and independently.
4) Follower will learn about International Business followed by the related documents of Banking, Commercial, Shipping, insurance and Customs.
5) This is a professional basic site and it will help the follower to get the respective jobs in Export- Import Organization, Indenting House, and many other sectors in Bangladesh and Abroad. Trainers can also start their own Import- Export Business.


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Contents of This Site:

1) Potential Importable & Exportable items
2) Documents required for Import & Export License
3) Expenses for Import- Export License
4) Calculation procedure for costing of Import & Export items
5) Major Country –wise Import & Export
6) Major products –wise Import & Export
7) Market survey for Importers & Exporters
8) Import facility by bank
9) Export Incentive
10) Documents required to opening the L/C
11) Documents required for customs clearance
12) Sources of Import- Export documents
13) Required documents for Export Payment negotiation
14) EXP & IMP Form
15) Certificate of Analysis (COA) 
16) Bill of Entry
17) Bill Discounting
18) Import Registration Certificate (IRC) 
19) Lien Bank
20) Export Registration Certificate (ERC) 
21) UP & UD
22) GSP Certificate
23) Air Way Bill
24) Certificate of Origin (COO) 
25) Bill of Exchange 
26) How to sourcing for suppliers/Exporters/Importers
27) Required documents to opening the L/C
28) Required documents as per L/C terms and conditions
29) Required documents to clear & forward the Import- Export goods from the Customs Authority/ C& F Agent
30) Letter of Credit( L/C) Process 
31) Steps of Import- Export procedure
32) Opening Bank, Advising Bank, Negotiating Bank, Add Confirming Bank, Reimbursement Bank, Duty drawback, Tax holiday, Credit report, Debit note, Bill of Lading( B/L), Bill of Entry( B/E), Master L/C, Back to Back L/C, Transshipment, Partial shipment, Etc. 
33) Shipping Documents
34) Third Party Documents
35) Discrepant Documents 
36) H.S Code and its Importance
37) INCOTERMS (FOB, CFR, CIF, CPT --------------- etc.) 
39) Cost & Risk Minimize

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  1. We appreciate you sharing this extremely helpful information with us. I'm content to have learnt something new today Bangladesh's Ceramics Industry's Future.


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