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I’m Forhad Hossain, from Dhaka-Bangladesh (Home: Dist: Satkhira). Since last 9 (Nine) years, I've been working in this RMG Commercial Sector.
At the beginning, when I enter in this Garments sector, I was totally blind about all the Commercial things & terms.

Every time I was searching for the correct information & Technic. But that time it was very difficult to get the correct & reliable information's. Moreover, I was not getting enough support from my senior (which is still happening with many others trainee Commercial). Even that time, there were no single books of Commercial, from where I could learn. That time I was really feeling neediness for a Commercial book.

In my professional life I had faced many kinds of technical & official problem regarding Yarn, Knitting, Dyeing, Cutting, Printing, Embroidery, Sewing, Finishing, Packing, Commercial, Shipping, Claim, Cancelling orders etc. So, for this cause I try to solve and study this particulars method how is it work ? 

After so many days at last I decided to share my practical experience with others. Because, still there is not enough source to learn the industrial Commercial. I'll try to describe all my experience in details with photos and videos. Also I will try to provide various kind formats for costing and booking. 
So, hope it will help all these people whose professions are related with this Commercial and clothing sector. Actually I'm a Asst: Manager & EX-IM Consultant of RMG sector, though at present I'm also working for BGMEA & Customs Bond related all kind task.
So, I will also try to focus on the Commercial department in my post. If anyone wants to share their personal experience, problem & solutions which are related with this apparel sector, please send your article with source details, your full name & designation toforhadsat666@gmail.com.
I will post the article in this blog with your name and other details. 

If you have any doubt or getting better sound knowledge about of UD, GSP, VAT, IMPORT, EXPORT, DOCUMENTAION, DATA RECORD, COMPANY NECESSARY PAPERS, BOND & CASH SUBSIDY from me don’t hesitate to email :forhadsat666@gmail.com.

Best Regards
Asst: Manager & EX-IM Consultant of RMG Sector:)
E-mail: forhadsat666@gmail.com
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  1. Thanks for shearing and helping most of the areas who starting something "0" level. I am very much pleased you. Keep it up your good work.


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