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What is REX ?

What is REX?
The Registered Exporter system (the REX system) is the system of certification of origin of goods that applies in the Generalized System of Preference (GSP) of the European Union since 1 January 2017. ... This means as well that the REX system is used between GSP beneficiary countries applying regional accumulation.

Now at the present time here I discussion most important issue is REX which will be  used against GSP. Basically REX abbreviations is "REGISTRATION OF EXPORTER". European says that REX systems reduce time and expenses expediences. This system no longer for getting previews GSP getting method. 
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How to Export Country Benefited by REX Systems ?
Many kinds of facility exporter will be get by REX. So, whose valuations point mentioned below for better understanding :-
  • REX system reduce time & extra expenses.
  • Easily exporter will be get REX by online.
  • Exporter easily get duty free of port without any hassle by REX. 
  • REX clearance quickly get then GSP clearance from EPB. 
How to Apply REX?
EU informed REX is an online automatic system for getting GSP where exporters from any country would be able to issue their statement on origin by their own after getting a registration number from a specific organization. 

At this time along with Bangladesh about 22 countries are being added to REX system experimentally. Previously 51 more countries already added. After 1 July 2020 REX system will fully be initiated and it will be a mandatory certification for exporting in 27 country under EU.

Watching this Video for applying process of REX


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BGMEA presedent Rubana Huq said, It has made mandatory to get REX certification in order to export to European Union. Because the exporter will be able to clarify the quality of theire products by themselves through this certification. BGMEA member have been given orders to apply to EPB within 31 December in 2019 of all exporters initially. 
BGMEA hopes that this system will be benefited for all of us.

Within few days I'll add how to work REX? So, connect with us to get latest about REX.

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