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What is Customs CPC ?

"CPC" meaning is (Customs Procedure Code). Customs tax will be verified by CPC. Customs CPC is very necessary for all kinds export & import procedure. Generally "CPC" will be used to import goods which code is 4000-000. Basically "CPC'' related for importing goods, So, for this cause if anyone can do the agree for accepting subsidy they must take tax against under tax. "CPC" used different angel for various kinds of terms & condition,]
  1. Industrial platform & Importer will be gotten tax duty free for importing machinery equipment.
  2. If any person imported machinery parts individual chalan they will be get tax free.
  3. But duty free not allowed for commercial importer.
  4. Extra 1%  duty free against under importing duty (CD), Value Added Tax (A.T.V & IT)
Where will be used CPC?
  1. Machinery imported CPC -4000.220 will be used for export oriented industry.
  2. Machinery imported CPC- 4000.120 will be used for commercial business holder.
  3. Individual imported machinery parts CPC- 4000.220 will be used for export oriented industry.
  4. Individual imported machinery parts CPC - 4000.000 will be used for commercial industry.
  5. If some one will import any machine or parts which CPC- 4000.00 will be used.
  6. Which product not used for Government or industrial although which CPC-4000.173.

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