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How to Calculate LIBOR Rate in 30, 60 to 180 Days ?

Actually LIBOR rates which stands for "London Inter bank Offered Rate" are benchmark interest rates for many adjustable rate mortgages, business loans & financial instruments traded on global financial markets.
Why Necessary of LIBOR Rate?
LIBOR also used for setting the settlement prices for interest rate future contracts that help companies to hedge interest rate exposure. LIBOR provides a fair idea to central banks & other important institutions about the expectations on interest rates & linked developments.

How Many Type of LIBOR Rate?
Basically LIBOR rates intended to serve seven key maturity lengths, those being overnight, one week, one months, two months, three months, six months & 12 months. So it with that in mind the total number of LIBOR rates published each day total to 35 in five currencies (US Dollar, Euro, Swiss France, Japanese Yen & British Pound.) each with seven maturity lengths. 

How to Calculation of LIBOR Rate?
Now I try to clear here how to calculate libor rate? So, lets go ahead for better understanding:-
You seem that (Rahim Traders Importer & AKS Traders supplier) Rahim Traders opened a Back to Back which value is $ 10,000.00 & tenor or payment duration mode 180 days from date of acceptance. But now AKS Traders requirement tenor sight will be set up 30, 60 to 180 days days. So, how much money deduct from invoice value for LIBOR rate supplier account? 

We know that LIBOR finding theory for 30 days   (Invoice Value x Libor Rate / Year x Tenor Days)
                                                            = 10,000 x 2.70% / 360 x 30
                                                            = $ 22.50

We know that LIBOR finding theory for 60 days   (Invoice Value x Libor Rate / Year x Tenor Days)
                                                            = 10,000 x 2.70% / 360 x 60

                                                            = $ 45.00

So, LIBOR $ 22.50 deduct from 10,000.00 in 30 days LIBOR rate.
So, LIBOR $ 45.00 deduct from 10,000.00 in 60 days LIBOR rate.

So, if you have better formula then me please feel free inform me by comments. We warmly received your quote along publish here sincerely. 

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