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How to Get Cash Incentive Payment from Bank?

After getting BGMEA Cash Certificate (General or New Market)& Cash BTMA then we will be claim to bank for cash facility. We could not able to proceed or claim bank lack of documentation formalities. So, for this reason here easily mentioned how to make or collect cash subsidy payment from bank? I hopefully that you may well understanding & getting informative method by below Flow Chart. 

Fundamental Information for Cash Facility Claim Purpose:-
  • How to claim bank for cash facility?
  • How much money pay to audit firms for cash facility?
  • When we will get cash facility payment from bank?
:: How many documents required to apply for cash assistance?

01. Original Company Letter Head Pad Application Forwarding.-Original.
02. Company Letter Head Pad Application Forwarding.- Received Copy.-Photocopy.
03. Form -"KHA".-Original A4 Size Page.
04. Fabric Cost Break Down certificate.-Original in
05. Declaration- Original Letter Company Pad .
06. Export LC- Photocopy.
07. Commercial Invoice - Photocopy.
08. Packing List - Photocopy.
09. Bill of Lading - Photocopy.
10. Bill of Export - Photocopy.
11. Exp Form - Photocopy.
12. Short Shipment Certificate - Photocopy If have 
13. Yarn Proforma Invoice - Photocopy.
14. Yarn Back to Back LC - Photocopy.
15. GSP BTMA- Photocopy.
16. Mushok - 11 Photocopy.
17. Delivery Chalan- Photocopy (Local Document)
18. Commercial Invoice - Photocopy (Local Document).
19. Packing List - Photocopy (Local Document).
20. Yarn Supplier Declaration - Photocopy (Local Document).
21. Certificate of Origin - Photocopy (Local Document).
22. Beneficiary Certificate - Photocopy (Local Document).
23. Utilization of Declaration (UD)
Along Original Papers
  • Proceed Realization Certificate - Original.
  • Bank Certificate - Original.
  • BTMA Cash Certificate - Original.
  • BGMEA Cash Certificate- Original.
  • Under Taking-Non Judicial Stamp-3 pcs-Original
:: Bank internal checking.
Bank will check all the documents which submitted from your site. After checked bank make a forwarding to audit firms for final confirmation.

:: Audit Firms internal checking.
Audit Firms re-check your documents for finding any error or discrepancies. When audit firms completed there checked they initially issued certificate to applied bank.

:: Bank applied to central bank for cash facility.
After getting audit certificate applied bank then apply to central bank for requirement cash facility.

:: Central Bank's cost & budget department received your proposal.
Central Bank received your proposal by your nominated bank. Then cost & budget department will insure for cash facility. 

:: Applied documents or necessary papers internal checking by central bank.
Finally central bank re-checked your applied proposal accuracy before fund transfer.

:: After central bank checking will transfer fund to applied bank.
Central Bank when finally confirmed that your documents ok, they transfer your cash subsidy payment to your nominated bank account directly.

:: Initially fund will transfer every 4 months later.
Your cash subsidy payment you will get every 4 months later in yearly .

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