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How to Collect "Cash BTMA Certificate" from BTMA ?

Specially Cash BTMA Certificate is a supporting declaration against under government cash assistance facility. Mainly this certificate will be taken from yarn supplier. Actually Cash facility will be taken one party. But central bank assurance that they are able to export foreign country they must be capable to get cash facility. For this reason seller give cash BTMA to buyer which initially authorized by BTMA (Bangladesh Textile Manufacturing Association)

Why Necessary of Cash BTMA?
Now here described necessary for cash BTMA for better understanding:-
  • Exporter increase they are business volume for getting cash facility.
  • Day by Day increasing new business platform for cash facility support.
  • Banking & Audit clearance they work properly for BTMA clearance.
  • Customs & EPB easy trace or audit they are Import summary by Cash BTMA.

How Many Documents Required for Cash BTMA?
01. Undertaking from Buyer- Original Letter Head Pad.
02. Statement from Buyer. Original Letter Head Pad.
03. GSP BTMA - Photocopy.
04. Mushok -11 - Photocopy.
05. Delivery Chalan - Photocopy.
06. Commercial Invoice - Photocopy.
07. Back To Back LC- Photocopy.
08. Proforma Invoice - Photocopy.
09. Export LC / Sales Contract
10. Undertaking from Seller -Original Letter Head Pad.
11. Cash BTMA- Original

How Much charge will be given for Cash BTMA?
Form Charges : 400/=
Miss/TIPS (If)   :   50/=

Cash BTMA Procedure?
After getting Cash BTMA proposal checking carefully which they are demand or adjustment yarn.

Carefully fill up Computer type or hand writing "Cash Certificate" as per buyer summary sheet.

Then submit the file Individually to Cash BTMA desk responsible officer.

At last within 1 or 2 days later will be got Cash BTMA Certificate from responsible person.

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