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How to Get BGMEA Cash Incentives General Certificate?

Basically "Cash Assistance" means that where a business men will be taken various type subsidy from government against particulars export order. Mainly government encourage the business & enhance better step by step. This cash assistance divided two category Non-New Market (General) & New Market. Day by day export increasing by "Cash Incentive" supporting facility. Its reason enthusiastic business icon creation which credit of our country. Here mentioned garments export related cash assistance article which info gain knowledge more & more.

How Much Charge will be Paid for BGMEA General Cash Certificate?
If have any Non-New Market or General Cash Certificate Documents you will be paid by minimum BGMEA recommendation charges. Which charge 1,000 taka individually for all BGMEA General cash certificate.

How Many Number of percentage will be got from Central Bank?

General Cash Assistance purpose central bank give 6% facilities. 

Documentation for BGMEA General Cash Certificate?
BGMEA cash certificate necessary for getting cash facility. So for getting its have some documentation procedure. Please follow the bellow reference step by for easy documentation for collecting BGMEA Cash Certificate:-

01. Company Letter Head Pad Application Forwarding.
02. Certificate for Drawing Alternative Format (General)
03.Fabrics Cost Break Down Certificate.
04. Proceed Realization Certificate (PRC).
05. Cash BTMA Certificate -Photocopy.
06. Bank Certificate- Photocopy.
07. Export LC- Photocopy.
08. Commercial Invoice - Photocopy.
09. Packing List - Photocopy.
10. Bill of Lading - Photocopy.
11. Bill of Export - Photocopy.
12. Exp Form - Photocopy.
13. Short Shipment Certificate - Photocopy If have 
14. Yarn Proforma Invoice - Photocopy.
15. Yarn Back to Back LC - Photocopy.
16. GSP BTMA- Photocopy.
17. Mushok - 11 Photocopy.
18. Delivery Chalan- Photocopy (Local Document)
19. Commercial Invoice - Photocopy (Local Document).
20. Packing List - Photocopy (Local Document).
21. Yarn Supplier Declaration - Photocopy (Local Document).
22. Certificate of Origin - Photocopy (Local Document).
23. Beneficiary Certificate - Photocopy (Local Document).
24. Utilization of Declaration (UD)

Procedure for getting BGMEA Cash Certificate
First of all prepared above reference documentation.

Step: 02
Collect (1000) taka  Money receipt from BGMEA account desk for General File.

Step: 03
Attached Money Receipt on your letter head application.

Step: 04
File received confirmation from BGMEA received desk.

Step: 05
Submit File to Cash Certificate desk Sir- (Mr Kawsar Ali ).

Step: 06
Then BGMEA Cash Certificate soft copy send to BGMEA authenticate person. 
Which mail no: paulbgmea@gmail.com 

Step: 07
Then within one or two days later will be got your certificate from BGMEA.

All docmument must be attested by Managing Director & Banking  Seal & Signature.

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