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What Kinds of Document Required for Factory Shifting?

Some times a garments required to chance factory place for self interest. For this procedure to take necessary step for factory shifting. Now here mere mentioned how to shifting factory. Which procedure mentioned below for better understanding.

Required Documents for NOC for Factory Shifting.
Now here mentioned procedure for factory shifting.
01. Application on company letter head pad to secretary general BGMEA for NOC.
02. Registration of DOT (Department of Textile)/BOI (Board of Investment) with changed            address- Photocopy.
03. Trade License- Photocopy.
04. Fire License - Photocopy.
05. Deed Agreement  - Land Owner/Land Ownership documents.
06. Approved Building Plan - Architectural Design
07. Structural Design Signed by IEB Registered Engineer.
08. Completion Certificate Provided by IEB Registered Engineer.
09. Factory Layout Plan.
10. Processing Fee- 500 Taka.
11. Engineering Inspection fee- 10,000 Taka.

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