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What Kinds of Fabrics Used in Garments Manufacturing?

Actually "Fabric" is the most common material for garments manufacturing. Various type of fabrics used in garments sector. Which fabric will be proceed for finished goods. At the present time we have seen that two category fabrics.So, there are mainly those fabric mentioned bellow for better understanding.
  1. Woven Fabric
  2. Knitted Fabric
But not at all, above two type fabrics have various type of classification. So now at first try know what is definition of those fabric which such as bellow:
1. Woven Fabric:
Which fabric manner will be used for productivity for making finished goods. Its different without knitted fabrics. Basically "Woven Fabric" are preferable for different types of design. This fabric will be used different shapes & excellent for producing garments goods by cutting.

Various type of woven fabric
Now here mentioned various types of woven fabric for better understanding
  • Lawn Fabric.
  • Khaki Fabric.
  • Kashmir Silk.
  • Georgette Fabric.
  • Gabardine Fabric.
  • Flannel Fabric.
  • Drill Fabric.
  • Denim Fabric.
  • Crepe Fabric.
  • Corduroy Fabric.
  • Chintz Fabric.
  • Chiffon Fabric.
  • Cheese Fabric.
  • Casement Fabric.
  • Cambric Fabric.
  • Buckram Fabric.
  • Muslin Fabric.
  • Organdy Fabric.
  • Poplin Fabric.
  • Poplin Fabric.
  • Sheeting Fabric.
  • Taffeta Fabric.
  • Tissue Fabric.
  • Mesh Fabric
  • Velvet Fabric
2. Knitted Fabric
Knitted Fabric most demand able fabric in the world. Because is the vary comfortable, texture, resistance, & elasticity. Actually knitted fabric is easy to sew with the right machine & stitching technique.

So, now here mentioned different types of knitted fabric mentioned bellow:
  • Single Jersey Fabric.
  • Double Jersey Fabric.
  • Bum Out Jersey Fabric.
  • Rib Fabric.
  • Interlock Fabric.
  • Pique Fabric.
  • La cost Fabric.
  • Fleece Fabric.
Any kinds of garments related interview easy move by gathering above article infromation.

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