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What is WRAP ?

About of WRAP

Actually WRAP is an independent object which non-profit team of global social compliance expert dedicated to promoting safe, lawful, humane & ethical manufacturing around the world through certification & education.

How to get WRAP Certification?
Here now I try to mentioned about of WRAP certification procedure. Please follow the below instruction which recommended by WRAP.

1. Application
A production facility submits basic information to WRAP and pays a registration fee of US$ 1195.

2. Pre-Audit Self-Assessment
Facilities complete a pre-audit self-assessment of their facility to show that they have been utilizing socially-compliant practice for a minimum of 90 days (for facilities, facilities seeking re-certification are expected to have been compliant through out their preceding  certification period ). 
WRAP offer the following resources for facilities to use during their pre-audit self-assessment.

3. Monitoring 
After submitting pre-audit self - assessment the facility select a WRAP accredited monitoring organization to audit the facility against  WRAP 12 principle. The audit must be successfully passed within 6 month of paying the registration fee to avoid having to re-register.

4. Evaluation
WRAP will review the monitors audit report & decide whether or not  to certify the facility. If WRAP decides not to issue a certification the facility will be noticed of the correction  that need to be made & the monitoring firm will conduct & additional inspection. If the facility does not satisfactorily implement the recommendation within the original 6 month period, it must pay the registration fee again.

There are 3 three levels of WRAP certification - Platinum, Gold & Silver. The certificate issued to a facility is determined by WRAP & which depend on the extent to the audit indicates full compliance & management commitment to the WRAP principles.

** All certified facilities are subject to random, unannounced post-certification audit during their certification period**

Duration of Certification Levels
  • Platinum Certificate valid for 2 years.
  • Gold Certificate valid for 1 year.
  • Silver Certificate valid for 6 months.

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