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What is Garments Threads?

Actually thread is a joining part of fabric or clothe. Never complete a dress without thread. All garments particulars part its essential for making finished goods. There are many different types of thread to use for apparel sewing application. Since it can be difficult to cover type to cover very type of clothing construction. We have listed several of our recommended thread lines below that are most commonly used when sewing clothing. 
Where Used Threads?
Basically "Thread" will be used garments various items products. Mainly its used for linking for several part of clothe.

How Many Types of Threads?
At the present time various types of "Sewing Thread" available which are used in garments manufacturing. For this manner item mentioned below for better understanding:-

01. Linen Thread.
02. Silk Thread.
03. Soft Cotton Thread.
04. Mercerized Cotton Thread.
05. Glaced Cotton Thread.
06. Viscose Thread.
07. Polyester Thread.
08. Nylon Thread.
09. Aramide Thread.
10. Pefe Thread.

Now here all sewing thread has discussed in the following below:

01. Linen Thread:
This type of sewing thread has high strength and slightly can make more strength of seam. Linen sewing thread was used at a large rate to sew canvas, course fabric. But it is mostly replaced by synthetic thread.

02. Silk Thread:
This type of sewing thread is made from both continuous filament and broken filament silk. Comparatively it contains higher strength, extensive, lustrous and good qualities. Silk sewing thread is most expensive that is why using of it is comparatively less. It is used to sew expensive garments.

03. Soft Cotton Thread:
Bleaching and dyeing have done in this type of sewing thread and sometimes lubricants are used to make it more frictional resistant. There is a possibility of occurring shrinkage and seam puckering after wetting in water and washing the garments respectively.

04. Mercerized Cotton Thread:
This type of thread is finished by caustic soda solution with tension. As a result, the entire fibers in the threads become round in shape and gain higher strength and brightness.

05. Glaced Cotton Thread:
Glaced cotton sewing thread is made by surface coating on the soft cotton threads. For this reason the threads become stiff, smooth and increase the frictional resistance.

06. Viscose Thread:
Viscose thread made from continuous filament or staple fibers. The strength and stability are comparatively less but more brighten. It has a limited use as a sewing thread but widely used in embroidery working related.

07. Polyester Thread:
Its quality of threads are very cheap along strong stability, low cost, good washing fastness and satisfactory elastic properties. Actually it can be up to 150 degree without any shrinkage. Its is widely used due to low cost. 

08. Nylon Thread:
This type thread made from hexamethylene diamine and adipic acid. It has not a wide used due to high extensibility because it makes seam puckering after sewing due to shrinkage. These types of thread are used to sew knitted fabric extensible seam and summing wear. 

09. Aramide Thread:
Aramide thread are not used as a large rate because of more expensive. Aramide threads are used in special cases Instead fire fighting of garments. Its is costly for use. Its commercial name is Nomex.

10. Pefe Thread:
The using of PEFE sewing thread is limited due to the higher cost. It is used for protecting against flame, melt and chemical garments.

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