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What is Sales Sample?

Basically "Sales Sample" are produced for various reasons. They are used during the manufacturing process to show "examples" of clothing , fabric, or trimming. A sample can be a small part or small quantity intended to show what item look like. A product sample can be used by a buyer to review or try product before committing to a purchase. 

For example a women's t-shirt buyer may wish to obtain ine sample of a t-shirt so that they can review the color, hand feel and FIT of the t-shirt before purchasing 10,000 of them.
The clothing , footwear or accessory sample can be used as part of the pre production process.

Why used Sales Sample in garments?
Actually "Sales Sample" will be used for survey to promote there goods. Its way easily knowing quality of goods. Then mark up goods its ready shipment or not. 

:: Salls-man Sample

Features :
  • If the collect sample garment of specific season which are displayed for retail shop for justify demand of these sample.
Purpose: Collect information of sample  which insure for goods quality.

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