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What is Name Clearance ?

Actually "Name Clearance" is mandatory and first step for registering any entity -Private Limited Company, Public Limited Company, Foreign Company, Joint Venture Company, Partnership Firm, Trade Organization of Society in Bangladesh. 

How to Apply for Name Clearance?
Here I described some of name clearance terms & conditions also procedure mentioned for better understanding.

  1. First of all promoters need to submit online for proposed entity name to RJSC and make payment to schedule commercial bank.
  2. One proposed name may be approved or another may be rejected.
  3. If the proposed when approved then go for registration to RJSC by following stipulated way.
  4. RJSC authority checks it manually and if he thinks the name can be provided to the promoter then he approved it.
  • The name cannot be same as an existing entity name in local & abroad. It should not be similar as written, listen or pronunciation of an existing company.
How Much Money Pay for Name Clearance?
May be Name Clearance government charge will be taken BDT 100 taka. If you get better information follow the our website.

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