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What is Garments PP?

About of Garments PP
Actually PP Sample is the short name of pre-production. Pre-production sample one type of development sample. PP Sample is made in garments factories prior to starting bulk production. PP Sample is made with actual fabric trims and accessories of the style.

Garments Pre-Production & Shipment Procedure
Garments pre-production is the vary valuable part in the primary pre-production stage of garments production. So, now we try know about the PP which details mentioned below for understanding:
Meeting With Buyer
First of all designers of manufacturing house shows their creations which latest design making for buyer. On other hand if buyer had fixed design of a style and need few change on it related to FIT, Fabrics or Trims they discuses those think with the merchandiser of the manufacturing unit.

Development Initial Sample for Buyer
In this stage received buyers concept or instruction for the new style. Then manufacturer will made sample with available fabrics and trims.
Development of Fabric (Bit Loom, Print & Embroidery Artwork)
Always time fabrics will proceed as per buyer requirement. Actually fabrics development meaning is sourcing of customer specific fabric with matching properties of dyed and finished for solid colors. Then the need solid colors lab dip. Until lap dip sample approved merchandisers re-submit lab dips. In this stage step by step bit loom, Print & embroidery approval when completed its to ready for pre-production.

Costing of Garments (Complete Manufacturing Cost)
In this stage merchants prepare individual cost break up for raw material, manufacturing, overheads & margin. Be-care when you cost break up because its a critical stage. If any occurs its fail you get low margin or low profit which you producing. So, estimation of the garments cost should be done on data based.
Pattern (Correction, Making, Grading)
Actually pattern is the copy of different parts of garment that is made by cutting borad paper which after sketch on it. Basically pattern master prepared first FIT pattern. Then re-develop pattern adding buyer comments and rectification on FIT sample. After FIT approval pattern master grade pattern size set sample only for specified sizes. 

FIT Sample (Size Set Sample Making & Approval)
FIT sample making for approval then proceed pre-production.

Approval (Fabric, Swatches, print, Colors, Embroidery, Bead Works)
Approval part is most important because which on depends what kinds product you will make. So, carefully get sample approval before pre-production. Step by step get approval about on fabrics, swatches, print, colors, embroidery & bead works. 

Planning (Production, Material, Line)
For starting production on time and ship the order on time planing is must. Planning is need various stage such as Production, Material & line etc. 

Testing (Fabrics & Raw Materials)
Physical properties are being tested for bulk fabric. This test can be done in in-house testing labs.

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