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What is Garments Size Set?

About of Size SET
Actually SIZE SET as it sounds which although it might not be obvious at first. Its a SIZE that a factory provides you of your design.

when you ask a factory for  a SIZE SET, your factory will send you samples of your design in every size that you are going to produce. So if you plan to manufacturer your design in a XS,SM,L & XL then they will send you those 5 SIZES.

If you ask for a 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44 & 46 then they will send you these 8 size.

Why Do You Need SIZE SET?

SIZE SET which you received from every garments. Its a mandatory for pre-production. Actually its a summary of any kinds of goods. If you think you want to make T-Shirt, first of all know which SIZE SET. Where mentioned Size of T-Shirt. Its necessary for making goods.  

When Do You Ask for a SIZE SET?
Here I try to described when I ask for necessary for SIZE SET which manner mentioned below for better understanding:
01. The sampling process is quite a simple one which necessary for primary production step.
02. So, as you go through your sampling process you will receive a sample from a factory in the sample size.
03. At this stage you will basically check the measurement against your finished goods.
04. The factory then looks at your comments and add adjusting each time.
05. Then send another sample and the process starts again.
06. The SIZE SET should really be a formality.
07. If you are happy with your product and the measurements given for each size are correct then it should be a case of ticking off the measurements and details for all other sizes.
08. Factory needs the most updated information in order to make the sample and they will not make assumptions or corrections for you. 

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