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What is the Garments Shipment?

Actually various kinds of working procure we will applied shipment. If you seem the garments shipment its depending how to shipment & what is actual meaning of shipment. Whatever shipment procure will be done road, air or sea. Shipment for this call when any goods transport for movement actual destination by any transport mode which called shipment.

How Many Type of Shipment?
There are two major terms of shipment used round the global world. These are freight on board (FOB) and other hand cost net freight (CNF).

What is the Necessary mode of Shipment?
Lot of shipment mode available in the world. Basically garments will be used FOB terms which popularity. So, mandatory for knowing this shipment incoterms. When any item shipment mode used by Freight Collect which mean its freight charge pay buyer which called FOB for Air & SEA. Another side when shipment mode used by Freight Pre-paid which means its freight pay seller which called for Air CPT & for Sea CFR.

If no understand what is the incoterms please go to above shipment incoterms for better information.

How to Garments Shipment Procedure?

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