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What is the Apparel Testing ?

Apparel Testing 
Actually testing is valuable part of garments apparel sector. Which necessary for textile productions, distribution & consumption. During textiles testing the variation of a fiber of fabric length, color, fineness, thread per inc. Continues test of the textiles results  enhanced & efficient output of the production. 

Fabric Testing 
Basically garments will be make all product by fabric. What ever fabric can be woven or knitted. Its item solid color dyed, printed, checked or stripe that is finished fabric. All fabric specially checked for huge quantity of  export. It should be kept in mind that the garment may be rejected by the buyer due to some quality problem of the fabric although the fabric may be brand new. Avoid such kinds of problem, fabrics have to test to identify its actual quality before making the garments & it is called fabric testing.

What Kinds Reason Necessary for Testing:
  1. To check that the fabric conforms to fabric specifications.
  2. To note the effect of changes in structural details.
  3. To note the effect of physical and chemical treatment, exposure to weather or laundering or washing etc.
  4. To obtain some identification of probable performance in use.
  5. To investigate causes cause of failure & customers complain.
  6. To help in designing of  a fabric for a specific purpose.
  7. To study the interaction of fiber, yarn & fabric properties.
Some Common Fabric Test:
Here different types of fabric tests have done before cutting the fabric to confirm the right quality of fabric. Among those common fabric test have presented in the following as below:
  1. Strength of the fabric.
  2. Abrasion Resistance.
  3. Stiffness Test.
  4. Drape Test.
  5. Crease Recovery Test.
  6. Pilling Test.
  7. Colorfastness Test.
  8. Shrinkage Test.
  9. Special Property Test.
Explanation of Test.
  • Home Laundering & Dry-Cleaning: Test method to evaluate the overall general appearance of garment & other textile products after repeated home laundering & dry-cleaning.
  • Color Fastness to Accelerated Laundering : Test or evaluate the colorfastness properties like a loss, bleeding & surface changes of textiles that intended to be laundered frequently.
  • Colorfastness to Cricking : Test to evaluate the degree of color, which may be transferred from the surface of the colored textile material to other surface by rubbing action such as upholstery carpet & other wearing apparel in the normal courses of use.
  •  Colorfastness to Dry Cleaning: Test to evaluate the colorfastness property of textiles during commercial dry cleaning.
  • Colorfastness to Light : Test to evaluate the colorfastness property of textile when subject to light exposure.
  • Non-Chlorine Bleach : When subject to the action of Non-Chlorine

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