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What is the Apparel Flame Ability ?

First of all if we want to know about of "Flame Ability" must be known what is meaning of Flame Ability? Actually Flame Ability mean is Burning Protection capacity of clothe. Flame Ability is defined the property whereby flaming combustion is prevented, terminated or inhibited following application of a flaming or non-flaming source of ignition with or without the subsequent removal of the source.

Why Necessary for Flame Ability ?

  • Flame-retardant finishes provide textiles with an important performance characteristic.
  • Protection of consumers from unsafe apparel.
  • Firefighters and emergency personnel require protection. 
  • Floor coverings, upholstery & drapery protection.
  • Flame ability for military.
  • Flame ability used for the airline industry.
Flame Ability
Polymer Combustion : Natural & synthetic materials when exposed to a source of sufficient heat will decompose or hydrolyses evolving flammable volatile. These mix with the air & if the temperature is high enough will ignite.

Rate of Burning:
1. Silk-
  • High Burning Rate.
  • Increase by the dyes and other additives to provide color.
2. Cotton & Linen-
  • High burning rate.
  • Can be alleviated by the application of flame-retardant chemical additives.
3. Nylon, Polyester & Acrylic-
  • Slow to ignite but
  • Once ingnited severe melting and dripping occurs.
4. Wool-
  • Comparatively flame-retardant.
  • If ignited usually has a low burning rate & may self extinguish.
5. Glass Fibers, Norm ex & Kevlar-
Almost flame resistant designed & manufactured to posses flame retardant properties.

  • Soft touch finished 
  • Non-toxic
  • Environmental friendly
  • Helps reduce residual shrinkage
  • Solvent dry cleanable
Flame Ability Test:
[ 45 degree angle test ]
  • Flammability test for apparel.
  • A 2/6 inch dried specimen is placed at a 45 degree angle and touched on the surface by a flame for one second.
  • If no ignition occurs, then the fabrics process.
  • If it burns then the rate of burning determine by the use of a stop watch.
  • Thus the time of ignition and the rate of burning determine if the fabric passes.
Flame Proof
> Kevlar
> Nonmex
> Glass

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