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What is the Accord & Alliance?

About of Accord Alliance
Actually Accord (Accord on Fire & Building Safety in Bangladesh) is an independent which legally building agreement between brands and trader unions designed to work towards a safe and healthy Bangladesh ready Made Garments Industry. Our purpose is to enable a working environment in which no worker needs to fear fires building collapses or other accidents that could be prevented with reasonable health and safety measures.

Its is worker safety which know as "The Alliance".  Bangladesh was sign on 15 may 2013.Its is a five years independent legally which binding procedure with global brands.Bangladesh Accord Foundation in the Netherlands in October 2013.

Accord Agreement consists of six key components:

  1. A five year legally binding agreement between brands and trade unions to ensure a safe working environment in the Bangladesh RMG Industry.
  2. An independent inspection program supported by brands in which workers and trade unions are involved.
  3. Public disclosures of all factories inspection reports and corrective action plan (CAP).
  4. A commitment by signatory brands to ensure sufficient funds are available for remediation and to maintain sourcing relationship.
  5. Democratically elected health and safety committees in all factories to identify and act on health and safety risks.
  6. Worker empowerment through an extensive training program, complaints mechanism and right ti reuse unsafe work. 

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