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How to Get BGMEA Membership Certificate?

BGMEA is a largest garments organization of Bangladesh. If any body can do the perfect or sustainable business in Bangladesh for those BGMEA is the best. For this reason here I described about of membership. Please see the below reference where I shown some idea for apply procedure of BGMEA Membership. I hopeful that you will satisfy to see the below information. I Think its easier to gather member ship knowledge.

Why Necessary for BGMEA Membership?
Most of necessary reason present now. But at the moment I try to described some suitable information which mentioned below for better understanding:-
  • Policy advocacy and dialogues for smooth functioning of trade and industries.
  • Issue Utilization Declaration (UD) and Utilization Permission (UP) as entrusted by the Government.
  • Load Role in maintaining harmonious industrial relationship.
  • Keep member abreast on contemporary global business trend.
  • Organizes Bangladesh Apparel & Textile Exposition (BATEXPO) since 1989 and the Chittagong Fabric, Apparel and  Textile Exposition (BATEXPO) since 2003.
  • Organizes trade mission to explore the new market and to facilities trade existing markets.
  • To get Visa approval for going abroad.
  • Group Insurance, Worker fairs annually, etc.
How Many Type of BGMEA Membership?
  1. Provisional Membership.
  2. Regular Membership.
How to Apply for BGMEA Membership?

>> 1. Provisional Membership : Here mentioned requirement information for BGMEA provisional membership.

01. Application in letter head pad for BGMEA regular membership.
02. Demand Draft TK- 40,500 taka (for 80 to 100 machine), TK- 42,500 taka (for 101-200            Machine), TK- 47,500.00 taka (for over 200 machine) in favor of BGMEA Dhaka from            any   bank.
03. List of specimen signature, National ID Card & Photo - 2 copies of all share holder/                directors attested by lien bank.
04. Registration from board of investment / textile dept- BOI, BEPZA permission in case of          EPZ.
05. Commercial Invoice, Invoice, LC & Bill of Entry of Machinery which imported.
06. VAT Challan in case of locally procured machinery along with bill of entry & copy of of            the importer.
07. Memorandum & Article Association.
08. Incorporation Certificate (if limited)/(Partnership Deed in cases).
09. TIN Certificate.
10. NOC from customs bond in case have another bonded factory in same venue.
11. Trade License.
12. Fire License.
13. Soil Test Report.
14. Deed of rent agreement/Purchased deed/Lease agreement in case of EPZ.
15. Factory lay out plan.
16. Declaration of tow stairs (Undertaking free from child labor, Factory roof top without tin          shade).
17. Approved building plan from CDA/BSIC/Cantonment Board/ Respective Authorities/              BEPZA/Letter of Permission.
18. Structural Design / Drawings which done by engineer along sign & seal.
19. TK-12,000 as donation for BGMEA any exim bank to BGMEA account.

N:B: All papers will be prepared to set copy & duly attested by the lien bank & managing director seal & signature.

Provisional Membership Application Form

>> 2. Regular Membership : Here mentioned requirement information for BGMEA regular membership:

01. Application in letter head pad for BGMEA regular membership.
02. Withdrawal of undertaking (if any).
03. Workers Group Insurance.
04. Bond License.
05. BGMEA Provisional Certificate.
06. Bill of Entry of Machinery.
07. ERC.
08. IRC.
09. TIN Certificate.
10. VAT Certificate.
11. Update Fire License.
12. EBP License.
13. Factory License.
14. Approval Factory Layout Plan.
15. Documents as per undertaking if any.
16. Implementation of Compliance Requirement.

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