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How to Get BGMEA Associate Membership Certificate?

BGMEA is a largest garments organization of Bangladesh. If any body can do the perfect or sustainable business in Bangladesh for those BGMEA is the best. For this reason here I described about of membership. Please see the below reference where I shown some idea for apply procedure of BGMEA Membership. I hopeful that you will satisfy to see the below information. I Think its easier to gather member ship knowledge.

How to Apply for BGMEA Associate Membership (Buying House) ?

Here showing how may doc or papers requirement to proceed BGMEA Associate Membership. So, please follow the below information for better understanding.

01. Demand Draft of BDT 40,000 taka favor of BGMEA Dhaka from any schedule bank.
02. Duly filed up BGMEA Application Form & an Application in letter head for BGMEA                  Associate Membership. 
03. Photograph or copy of all share holders/ Partners/Proprietors-04 copies each and                  attested by lien bank.
04. National ID Card & Specimen Signature of all share holders / Partners / Proprietors              (attested by lien bank)
05. Photocopy of Passport - If have available.
06. Trade License.
07. TIN Certificate.
08. Photocopy of Memorandum of Article of Association / Partnership deed as application.
09. Bangladesh Bank Clarence - If Have Available. 
10. Work permit from ministry of industrial for the liaison office having 100% foreign                    investment.
11. Deed of Office agreement / Purchased Deed.
12. List of Employee (SL-Name -Designation).
11. BDT: 10,000 Deposit to BGMEA account.

BGMEA Associate Membership Form
N:B: All papers will be prepared to set copy & duly attested by the lien bank & managing director seal & signature.

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