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How to Button Pull Test in Garments Production of Goods?

Introduction of Button Pull Test
Actually "Button Pull Test" is used to determined the pulling strength of any type of snaps used in garments for producing goods.Mainly it used to determine the holding or breaking strength of prong-ring attached snap fasteners onto garments to ensure button fixed on the product properly. 

Consist of an upper snap clamp, a lower fabric & force gauge mounted on a stand. The pull test is the mandatory for any type of garments product use button. 

How Many Button Used in Garments?
Basically four types of button use in most of the garments. So, pull test needed for all types of button.
  1. Plastic.
  2. Shank.
  3. Snap.
  4. Rivet.
For More Info about of Different Types of Button 
  • Different Type of Button for Clothes.
  • Snap Button Pinch Setting.
What is the Button Put Test Machine Calibration?
Need to calibrate machine at least once in a week by supplier m/c calibrating tools. A specific template uses to calibrate machine to find out the accuracy of a machine by pulling that into a machine of know weight.

What Kinds Procedure Present for Button Putt Test?
Mainly for pull test you will always need to follow the buyer requirement for pulling strength. If a buyer does not give any requirement.So, you can follow own your company's procedure.

The standard procedure is continued pulling 15 (Second) in 93.4 /no. weight for all attaching component kike button,rivet, eyelet, snap etc.
If any item them fails , then that should be removed from production & speared as a reject.

"Pull test should be done five pices from each style 2 time every day & keep record & documents for every day"

Pull Testing Requirement:

Various Type of Button Size


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