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How to Apply for Garments Bond License?

"Bond License" is a valuable license for businesses. Specially those people desire to imported business by duty free bond license necessary for them. Now at the present time Bond License is very popular for Garments, Medicine & Ceramic sector.A business men want to take bond license facility they have taken bond license from custom bond firstly. For this reason in this stage have to gather various type working procedure how to get it. Step by step I described below reference how to get bond license. I hopeful its helpful all them who desire to collect bond license.   

How Many Section of Bond Incense ?
Government declared that various typed of Bond License available which details mentioned for better understanding:-
  1. Direct Importing Industrial Institution. (Direct)
  2. In-Direct Importing Industrial Institution. (Demmed)
How Many Days Later You will be Get Bond License ?
Customs Bond Authority when insure that your all necessary papers or document ok & ready for Bond license then give bond license within 30 days.

How Many Days Validity Expiration of Bond License?
Bond License expiration is 2 years from issue date. Remember that every year audit will be completed.

How Many Documents Necessary for New "Bond License"?
01. Company Letter Head Pad Application which format collected from customs website or          my website. (Customs Application Database Form Format)
02. BIDA/BOI/BSCIC/BTMC registration certificate with machinery list. 
03. Company association certificate BGMEA/BKEMA & Declaration for Bond License with          machine & raw materials list.
04. Trade License -Updated.
05. ERC & IRC.
06. E-TIN
07. E-BIN (Nine Digit-09)
08. Attestation Certificate from self vat & customs circle.
09. Fire License - Updated.
10. Kal-Karkhana Certificate.
11. Boilar Certificate.
12. Environment Certificate. [ Must be issued if it Lather or Washing Unit]
13. National ID/Passport Copy/Ward Commissioner Certificate.
14. Incomes Return Paper all share holders.
15. Updated Income Tax Paper. (Attested or Original)
16. Institution owner & share holders full address, photo must be present by nottery with              no-  judicial stamp 500 taka.
17. Joint Stock Incorporation Certificate.
18. Memorandum of Association.
19. Legal Land Papers Hire or self contract papers.
20. Electricity or Gash Bill Copy.
21. Bonded Ware House Blue Print Layout Design which prospected also seal & signature          nominated engineer.
22. Machinery Imported purpose LC, Invoice,Packing List, Sketch, B/E & BL. if locally                  import  which mushok -11.
23. Machinery Catalog.
24. Machine Installation Certificate.
25. Applicable purpose have a lots of financial baking or bank solvency which collected              from  lien bank.
26. Undertaking -Non-Judicial Stamp-500 taka.
27. If have you any sister concern if its have which declare by self application letter pad.
28. License Fee - 50,000(Chalan Acount for Fee 1-1136-0005-1854) taka & Vat-15% - 7500        taka (Vat payment chalan code 1-1136-0005-0311)

N:B: Please note that all papers must be attested by Managing Director & lien bank which papers submit 2 set.

Bond License Area:
Bond license shall be issued only in the declared bonded areas.National Board of Revenue has issued several SROs declaring bonded areas over the country. The following areas are declared as Bonded Areas.

1. Dhaka District
(a) Dhaka City Corporation Area
(b) Ashulia
(c) Turag
(d) Daskhin Khan
(e) Uttar Khan
(f) Kamrangir Char
(g) Dhamrai
(h) Keranigonj
(i) Savar
(j) Janata Tower, Kawran Bazar, Dhaka.

2. Gazipur District
(a) Tongi
(b) Gazipur Sadar
(c) Joydebpur
(d) Kaliakoir
(e) Shreepur
(f) Kapashia
(g) Kaligonj

3. Manikgonj District
(a) Satoria
(b) Manikgonj Sadar
(c) Shibaloy
(d) Shingair

4. Narayangonj District
(a) Narayangonj Sadar
(b) Araihazar
(c) Sonargaon
(d) Fatulla
(e) Rupgonj
(f) Bandar
(g) Siddirgonj

5. Munshigonj District
(a) Munshigonj Sadar
(b) Gazaria
(c) Shreenagar
(d) Laohajong
(e) Sirajdi Khan

6. Mymensing District
(a) Bhaloka
(b) Trishal
(c) Nandail
(d) Gaforgaon

7. Tangail District
(a) Tangail Sadar
(b) Kalihati
(c) Mirzapur

8. Narsingdi District
(a) Narsingdi Sadar
(b) Palash
(c) Ghorashal

9. Kishorgonj District
(a) Koliarchar
(b) Bhairab

10. Jamalpur District
(a) Jamuna Fertilizer area of Sharisha Bari Upazila

11. Khulna District
(a) Khulna Metropolitan Area
(b) Rupshi

12. Barishal District
(a) Barishal City Corporation area

13. Rangpur District
(a) Rangpur Pawra area including BSIC industrial

14. Habigonj District
(a) Madabpur Upazila

15. Sirajgonj District
(a) Shahjadpur Upazila

16. Faridpur District
(a) Sadar Upazila

17. Kustia District
(a) BSCIC Industrial Area

18. Jessore District
(a) City Corporation Area

19. Cox's Bazar District
(a) Teknaf Upazila

20. Mawa : 
No. 4 Sharta Khali Unoin
under Shalikha Thana

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