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What kinds of Skills Gather for Garments Commercial ?

A garments commercial is supporting team. Where they support merchandiser & marketing all kinds necessary issue. For this reason lots of methodology & knowledge about  with them working particulars idea. But I have seen that many commercial who have no all other side skills such as Export, Import, UD, GSP, VAT, BTMA, Cash BTMA, Documentations, Banking, Customs etc. Now at the moment I try to described about the matter. 

How Many Skills need for Diplomatic Garments Commercial ?
Here I try mentioned about the skills full commercial knowledge which require the better job settle :
  • Must be good communication skills as like marketing representative.
  • Idea of instance make decisions.
  • Proactive attitude.
  • Motivational skills about the any kinds of conversation idea.
  • Confidence, Courage & energetic for proving any idea.
  • Convince technique.
  • Good Bengali, English writing & speaking skills.
  • E-Communication skills (Good Emailing Messaging Idea)
  • Computer Ms Word, Excel, Photoshop skills must be knowing.
How way gather better knowledge about garments commercial ?
Lots of reason present at the time. Basically suitable idea is collection of necessary information about you professional position. Some Idea or tips mentioned bellow for understanding :-
  • Instant question write a small note book which information if think related your professional.
  • Questions the Answer with skills full person.
  • Reading Article from internet if you seem confusion idea. 
  • Lots of practice essential if you want success must gather theoretically of practical.
  •  Field work is the best method to gain knowledge so, no hesitate work filed work some time.
  • Routine set up for making questions daily or weekly basis with your senior about the informative issue.
  • Any kinds of free or cost-full seminar attend which if you thing necessary for you.
Speech from writer:
If you thinks above information informative must be comments me as soon as possible.

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