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What is the Garments Embroidery Idea for Beginner ?

Embroidery is the valuable part of garments sector. If they want to success own his garments sector must be know basic concept of it. Along this costing & how to do embroidery costing find out easily. Actually for this reason we try to know about of garments "Embroidery". Basically is the decorating fabric of or material meddle to apply by thread or yarn. "Embroidery" may also incorporate other elements such as Pearls, Beads, Quails, Sequins.

Now ate the present time we have seen that its use increase day by day. In the time embroidery used Cap, Hats, Coats, Blankets, Dress Shirt, Denim etc.  So its requirement with value with wide variety of thread of yarn color.

How many type "Embroidery" used in garments sector.
  1. Crewel Embroidery
  2. Surface Embroidery
  3. Gold work Embroidery
  4. Red work Embroidery
  5. Black Work Embroidery
  6. Blue Work Embroidery
  7. Sashiko Embroidery
  8. Crewel Embroidery
  9. Hard Anger Embroidery
  10. Drawn Thread Embroidery
  11. Hedebo Embroidery
  12. Pulled Thread Embroidery
  13. Cross Stitch Embroidery
  14. Candlewick Embroidery
  15. White work Embroidery
All Above Type Individually Mentioned for Better Understanding :

1> Crewel Embroidery
Crewel Embroidery is as crewel work which type of surface will be used  by wool . Its is used from oldest age.
Crewel Embroidery
2> Surface Embroidery
Actually "Surface Embroidery" pattern worked by use of decorative stiches. Its laid thread on top of the foundation fabric or canvas rather than throungh the fabric. Its contrasted with canvas work.
Surface Embroidery
3> Gold work Embroidery
"Gold Work Embroidery" that means that where embroidery used metal elements. Its particularly prized for the way light plays on it. So, for this reason this Gold Work summary means that any embroidery will be proceed by Gold, Silver, Metal etc. 
Gold Work Embroidery
4> Red Work Embroidery
"Red Work Embroidery" means is a simple or classic type. Which embroidery will be proceed on white clothe.
Red Work Embroidery
5> Black Work Embroidery
"Black Work Embroidery" means its a historical which thread used black. Along with it others thread used by occasionally. 
Black Work Embroidery
6> Blue Work Embroidery
Blue Work Embroidery as like Black work embroidery but here definition depend on color item ways. So, now I try know what is meaning of Blue work embroidery. So, Red Work Embroidery can worked in Blue thread on while fabric & then fabric as refereed as Blue work.
Blue Work Embroidery
7> Sashiko Embroidery
"Sashiko Embroidery" is a form of decorative reinforcement stitching which lot of used Japan. Basically this design will be used by traditionally various kinds of occasion. Here color combination looking so nice, blue color along occasion mark up color will be used for making it.
Sashiko Modern Embroidery
8> Crewel Work Embroidery
"Crewel Work Embroidery" is one types of decorative surface embroidery. Which features plants, animal. Others arranged in afaciful, flowing design by pepople. This design will be worked various type of surface stiches. Actually this design of technique at least  thousand years old.
Crewel Work Embroidery
9> Hard Anger Embroidery
"Hard Anger Embroidery" is hanger type embroidery. Its mainly used on hanger. This embroidery cut work and satin stitch arranged intricate geometric designs.
Hard Anger Embroidery
10> Drawn Thread Embroidery
"Drawn Thread Embroidery" is work form counted thread type embroidery. This embroidery work pattern ways. Here remaining thread are grouped or bounded together into a variety of patterns.
Drawn Thread Embroidery
11> Hedebo Embroidery
"Hedebo Embroidery" is covered of several forms which design white embroidery which originary of Zeland, Denmark. Its used since 15th century. 
Hedebo Embroidery
12> Pulled Thread Embroidery

"Pulled Thread Embroidery" actually is work white frame. This types is counted by pulled technique. Which around groups of threads in the bass fabric to forms gaps, airy filling, creating lacy, bands, borders & hems.
Pulled Thread Embroidery
13> Cross Stitch Embroidery

"Cross Stitch Embroidery" is compositing of two diagonally stitches which from  "X" type of fabric. Its is popular form of count thread embroidery.
Cross Stitch Embroidery
14> Candle Wick Embroidery
"Candle Wick Embroidery" Its is one types white work embroidery which basically used traditionally and unbleached cotton on a piece of unbleached muslin. Its made of groups colonial knots arrange in intricate patters.
Candle Wick Embroidery
15> White Work Embroidery
"White Work Embroidery" Its is one types white work embroidery which basically used traditionally. Which refers any embroidery technique, where stitching is the same color as the foundation of fabric. White on is looking beautiful & can be worked in a variety of technique which including with hard anger, surface, & hedebo etc.

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