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How to Find Out Fabric KGS from Yards ?

Basically who are merchandiser & commercial (Who:-UD related commercial) this method necessary for them. So, now here I try know about of Fabric calculation. Some time we got fabric proforma invoice but I could,t able to find out actual fabric kilogram weight. As a result below I mentioned a example for your better understanding. I hopeful you wll be get easily find out "Fabric KGS weight from Yards"

"ABC Knit composite Ltd" now open a fabric back to back from china. Which Fabric Gsm- 170, Fabric Width-58" & amount or quantity of fabric is 1000 Yards. But at the moment china supplier inform to buyer that proforma invoice must be mentioned Fabric Qty Yards & Kgs both.

Formula : 
> Fabric GSM          : 170 
> Fabric Width         : 58"
> Fabric Qty/Length : 1000 Yards or 36000" Inc (1 Yards = 36" Inc)
= Fabric Length x Fabric Width x GSM / 1550 / 1000

= 36,000" x 58 x 170 / 1550 / 1000

= 354960000 / 1550 / 1000

= 229 kgs Fabric

N:B: If you seem that its have any confuse or you better formula then me, please inform me by comment. We warmly receive your comments also published in our website.

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