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What is Cash Assistance

Basically "Cash Assistance" means that where a business men will be taken various type subsidy from government against particulars export order. Mainly government encourage the business & enhance better step by step. This cash assistance divided two category Non-New Market (General) & New Market. Government subsidy pay for Non New-Market 6% & New Market 4+3 = 7%.For this package create business platform day by day. Government earn lot of remittance from abroad. Day by day export increasing by "Cash Incentive" supporting facility. Its reason enthusiastic business icon creation which credit of our country. Here mentioned garments export related cash assistance article which info gain knowledge more & more.

Cash Incentive Flow Chart:
Now here mentioned "Cash Incentive" flow chart for better understanding. 

Step: 01
Realized Confirmation :
After getting confirmation collect payment realized sheet to proceed cash incentive due work. Because for getting incentive payment purpose duration complete in 180 days.

Step: 02
Collect Nece: Doc :
Local document BTMA, Mushok, collect for application Cash BTMA. Then after received Cash BTMA then proceed next step.

Step: 03
App: for Cash BTMA :
Application necessary for collect BGMEA / BKMEA cash certificate. So, for this reason first of all collect Cash BTMA.

Step: 04
Collect PRC+ BTB Certificate :
Collect Proceed Realization Certificate (PRC) & Back to Back site certificate from in due time. Then proceed for next step procedure for collecting Cash Certificate from BGMEA/BKMEA from related institution.

Step: 05
BGMEA/BKMEA Cash Certificate :

Application submit to BGMEA / BKMEA for collecting cash certificate. Its declaration for export criteria.

Step: 06
App: to Bank for Incentive :

After received BGMEA cash certificate then proceed application to bank claim for cash incentive. Then wait for Bank audit clearance certificate.

Step: 07
Collect Audit Certificate :

After submission follow with bank for collecting bank audit clearance which necessary doc. Then when you get audit certificate as soon as possible submit to central bank along will be taken received bill no:

Step: 08
Submit to Central Bank :
At last finishing time carefully submit audit certificate to central bank. Central doc give you a token or bill no its necessary for getting cash incentive payment. Regular follow up with central bank dealing officer or negotiate desk for Incentive Payment. 

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