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What is the Audit Observation for Cash Facility

Here mentioned Audit Methodology for kind information. Which criteria mentioned below for better understanding: For Textile Section

01. Assistance facility get there self productivity value fixed along never show extra making & dyeing cost. (NBR Audit: 2016-2017 dated 14.01.2018- 18.01.2018)
02. Exporter able to get cash assistance facility if they had import dyes & chemical from abroad by bond.
03. Never late submit or claim for cash assistance. Its must be proceed in 180 days after last or payment realization.
04. Remember that you opened Back to Back for yarn but when complete or proceed BTMA here qty less then back to back proforma invoice.
05. You able to get cash facility if completed export by FCR (Transport Document.)
06. Must be membership completed from BGMEA & BKMEA if you want to get cash facility. 
07. Audit must be completed when exporter opened local yarn back to back but they have lot stock goods. In this matter they will be disqualified for cash facility.
08. Exporter will be disqualified or discrepancy if the never submit or feel up  related form without Duty Draw back (KHA), New Market- (KA), Deemed Exporter (KHA).
09. Documents Net Weight of Export must be same as per BL/Air Way BL, Invoice, Paking List & Bill of Export.
10. Cash Facility fail to cross mach between UD & Calculation Sheet.
11. If any way your hard copy documents mainly Export LC if never clear for understand or read they will be get disqualified to get cash facility.
12. Exporter never get Cash Facility from Government if they exported goods by Bond, Duty Draw Back etc.
13. Must be submit PRC wright information bass.
14. Back to Back Certificate all information justify its wright or wrong.
15. They never able to get facility if they export bill  I mean EXP over due.

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Hello you, I want to say that if seem that above information to suitable for you thought comments us feel free. 

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