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Sweater Consumption

Actually we have seen normally Knit & Woven Items consumption, here using solid fabric or finished fabric all types of knitted and woven items to produced product. But in case of sweater items, we haven’t seen anything as like that.

No solid or finished fabrics are available here. By linking one yarn with another, the shape of the sweater parts are made. As a result, there is no available fabric consumption calculation method as like  woven or knit items.

What kinds of information know to find out Sweater Consumption.

> Sample Weight
Must be known Sample weight. 

> Formula of Convert 
(KG to LBS & LBS to KGS) 
[Sample Weight is 190 gram. So, now we try to find out lbs. But how to find out LBS ?
So for this reason we use formula of convert such as example 190 gram Attribute 2.2046 equal actual LBS is  418 LBS

190 gram x 2.2046 = 418 lbs

Consumption Calculation Method of Sweater Garments:
In case of sweater garments, consumption can be calculated depending on the quantity of Yarn needed to make a sweater garment.

So lets go to find out sweater consumption -
Step : 01
At first, buyer send a sample to sweater garments merchandiser. The very first work of the merchandiser is to weight that sample and marked it. Depending on the sample weight, garments merchandiser makes another sample according to buyers provided style and measurement chart. After making the sample, merchandiser should measure the sample weight and inform to the buyer. When the buyer approved the sample weight and style according to measurement chart then sweater garments merchandiser can take the first step of making yarn consumption for that order.

The next task for a sweater merchandiser is to multiply sample weight with 12pcs to know the weight of per dozen sweaters. Finally adding wastage percentage with that, can make the sweater consumption.

Normally the wastage percentage range is 10-20%. It should be noted that, wastage percentage can vary depending on the types of yarn and styling of garments. In case of cotton and acrylic, the range of wastage% is 5-7% and in case of viscose, spandex and wool it is 10-12%.

Buyer provides you a sample by mentioning the below information-

Yarn: 100% Acrylic, 2/36”S, 2ply
Sample Weight: 180gm
Knitting: 12 G/G, (2×2) Rib
Specifications: Plain knit placket, Slit, 2 pockets.
Now prepare the yarn consumption of the above sweater item.

Buyer provided sample weight- 180gm
Merchandiser made sample weight-190gm
Let, buyer approved the sample weight and style according to measurement chart.

Yarn needed per dozen garments = (190 × 12) = 2280gm= 5.03lb    (1lb= 453.6gm)
In case of acrylic yarn, wastage% is 5-7%.

So, after adding wastage% total quantity of yarn needed per dozen garments is-,
= 5.03 + 6% (here, we accept 6% wastage)
= 5.33lbs per dozen
=5.33lbbs  / 12 = .444 lbs per pcs

So, Yarn needed per dozen garments is 5.33lbs.
So, Yarn needed per pc garments is 444 lbs.

Speech from Writer
Hi attention for reader. If have you better formula please will send us or informed no hasited.  We warmly received it & published our site if you interest.

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