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Knit Consumption

How to find out knit consumption:
Fabric consumption is an important factor in garments merchandising. Profit of an order mostly depends on it. As a result, fabric consumption should be done accurately afte receiving the exporter order.

As its vast importance on garments merchandising, today I will discuss about the knit fabric consumption formula for T-Shirt for undersigning.
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Method of Knit Fabric Consumption:
Knit fabric consumption should be done by using the following formula-
Fabric consumption per dozen, (All measurements in cm),

(Body Lenght +Selve Lengh+Allowance ) x (1/2 Chest + Allowance) x 2 x gsm x doz or pcs 
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ wastage % in kgs

  • Types of fabric and fabric GSM will be confirmed by the buyer.
  • For body length and sleeve length, approximate sewing allowance (12cm) should be needed at body hem, shoulder joint, sleeve hem and armhole joint.
  • For chest width, approximate sewing allowance (6cm) should be needed at both side seams.
  • And approximate fabric wastage in various stages is 10%.

Now, I will provide an example for knit fabric consumption in the following. After that, all the confusion about the above discussion will be cleared I think.

Suppose, one of the buyer has provided you the following measurement chart of a basic T-Shirt by mentioning the order quantity and fabric GSM. (Where Fabric is 100% cotton single jersey and fabric GSM is 170 and order quantity is 10000 pcs). Then calculate the fabric consumption for this order.

calculate the fabric consumption Solution:
Here, we will follow the measurement chart for XL size.
  • Fabric GSM- 170,
  • Total order quantity- 10000 pcs
  • Body length or shirt length- 66cm
  • Sleeve length- 25cm
  • ½ Chest width- 50cm

Now lets go to find out formula of T-Shirt Consumption

      (Body Lenght +Selve Lengh+Allowance ) x (1/2 Chest + Allowance) x 2 x gsm x doz or pcs + 
=-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ wastage % in kgs
    (66+25+12) x (50+6) x 2 x 170 x 12
=--------------------------------------------------------------- + 10% (Wastage in kgs)

           103 x 56 x 2 x 170 x 12
=--------------------------------------------------------------- + 10% (Wastage in kgs)

= 2.35 + 10 % in kgs
= 2.585 kgs per doz
= 2.585 / 12 = (215 gram per pc )

 So, fabric needed for 10000pcs (833.33 dozen) garments is 2150 KGS

Speech from the writer:
You will be find out consumption by various angel. So, now here I want to showing basic & simple to understanding better . As u all easily understand what I want to say. I believe that, it will be so much helpful for you.

Now here try show basic - in future I'll be introduction clearly. So, if have any confused feel free comments me....

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