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Garments Washing

Its most usable technology in garments fashionable sector. This is the textile technology by which a unique appearance along the seam, size, comfort ability & fashion etc. properties are changed of a solid or multi colored or printed garment.

Fabric of the garment may be dyed with reactive dye, direct dye, sulpher dye, acid dye, basic dye, pigment and even metal complex dye and printed with pigment, direct dye, reactive dye etc.

Type of Washing :
Primarily Garments Washing have Tow Category:
    1. Wet Process / Chemical Process
    2. Dry process / Mechanical Process

Wet process/Chemical process
  • Normal wash/ garment wash/rinse wash Pigment wash
  • Caustic wash Enzyme wash Stone wash
  • Stone enzyme wash
  • Tinting (Tie) & Over Dyeing(Dip Dyeing) Super white wash
  • Bleach wash Acid wash Silicon wash Soft wash
Dry process/Mechanical process
  • Sand blasting Hands scraping Over all wrinkles
  • Permanent wrinkle Broken and tagging Grinding and destroy
  • PP spray and PP sponging etc.
These are the main objects for garments washing

1.To develop softness in garment: Size materials in fabric are removed by washing & there is also advantage to add softener. Drape ability also increased. 2.To introduce unique appearance: washing that introduces fading effects along with the seam on the garments by washing out dyes or pigments in the garments.

3.To create new fashion: Washing process of garments bring different out looks (faded, color tinted, old look etc.) of garment that is used for creating new fashion.

4.Special type of finishes are also possible such as wrinkle, wrinkle free, flame retardant, water proof breathable, soil retardant finish etc.

5.To satisfy the customer: As shrinkage occurs so customer can wear it just after purchasing/buying.

Garments Washing Flow Chart
Garments from store house
Quality check
Hydro extractor
Quality check

Common procedure of garments washing:
01. Garments can be inverted to minimize unwanted abrasion streaks (especially useful              when  preset creases are present).
02. Load machine with garments
03. Desize with alpha amylase enzyme and detergent.
04. Drain.
05. Rinse.
06.Fill machine with water and heat to 60◦C. The liquor ratio can range from 10:1 to 20:1. A  number of synthetic detergents can be used. Also, alkaline products such as soda ash or caustic soda can be added in amounts ranging from 0.5 to 2.0 grams/liter. Some chemical suppliers offer special products that accelerate the wash down process, dependent upon the particular dyestuff used.
07. Wash/tumble action for 20-60 minutes, depending upon desired effect.
08. Drain and rinse.
09. Apply softener.
10. Tumble dry.
11. Invert garments, if previously turned.
12. Press, if required.
Advantages of Garments Washing
1. Starch or size materials, which are applied during fabric production especially in case of woven fabric are removed by wash as a result the garment become soft and hence the drape ability and comfort ability increased significantly.

2. Softness could be increased by addition of softeners by doing soft finish or applying the softener.

3. Dirt’s, impurities, germs etc. obviously will be added in the garment during its manufacturing are removed due to washing because a variety of chemicals are used such as detergent, bleaching agents etc.

4. Due to washing, maximum shrinkage occurs; hence there is the zero possibility of further shrinkage. As a result there is no size or fitting problem in washed garments.
Advantages of Garments Washing
1. Faded effect and a variety of stylish effects produced by different washing techniques. Nowadays these faded and stylish effects are accepted as a new fashion for fashion world.

2. Similar out look and effect could be produced by different washing techniques or by different process. As a result there is a great scope of implementation of brilliances of technicians. Every machine of a garment washing factory can be used for multipurpose for this reason total project cost is comparatively lower where as washing add a handsome value to the garments.

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