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Demand Draft is a physical mode of money transfer. It is beneficial for the sender to make a bank draft because it is secure and can only be credited to the specified beneficiary’s bank account.
Through NBP Exchange, you can easily get ready your Demand Draft
Main Purpose of Demand Draft
·         University fee
·         Education Expenses
·         Hospital expenses
·         Immigration
·         Family remittances
·         Maintenance bill etc.

Particulars required for Telegraphic Transfer Sender
·         Full name and address
·         CNIC Copy/Overseas CNIC Copy
·         Passport Copy in case of Foreign National
·         Phone number

·         Evidence for the purpose of Demand Draft(i.e. University offer

·         Original CNIC along with its photocopy/Passport along its copy

·         Ensure that the Demand Draft is not damaged ( In case of  


Terms and Conditions:
·         Demand Draft is valid for a period of 6 months only.
·         Please take good care of your Demand Draft, as it may be dishonored if it is damaged.   Company will not be able to help you in this regard.
·         You need to present the original Demand Draft in case of cancellation or refund.
·         If the Demand Draft is lost or stolen, it can only be cancelled after obtaining approval from   issuing bank and Drawn on Bank
·         All AML/KYC procedures will followed as per the directions of State Bank of Pakistan
·         Expired CNIC/Passport will not be accepted.

·         i) Company is not responsible for rate variation in Foreign currency.
·         ii) FTT/FDD charges are not refundable

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