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Buying House Definition

A buying house is a media between buyer and manufacturer. It can be a buying agency or a buying office. Buying agency is an independent buyer's regional office, from where all kinds of necessary approval has given. On the other hand, buying office is that, which works at a time with different buyers and brands.

This ''Buying House'' business is largest business the world and its value increasing day by day. At the present time buying house growing various type angel such as Sweater, Knit, Woven, Denim etc. Actually now we try to know what is meaning of ''Buying House'' where they also work have two item, Direct Trading & Indirect Trading. Buying House work as like media or middle person. So, where they are business with any platform for his assist of them absence.
  • Direct Trading - Where are buying  house business or any dealing with buyer direct for this call its Direct Business.
  • In-Direct Trading - Where are buying  house business or any dealing with buyer In-direct for this call its In-Direct Business. Because here buying work as like middle man or media etc. 
You seem that GSS Buying ''Buying House'' work as like media. They work ''Terinova'' Buyer. Where Buying not working directly they also work with media or buying house.

Orgonogram of Buying House
  • First of all marketing merchandiser contact with a buyer and collect an order by showing the garments they made before or directly ask which type of garments buyer need.
  • Then he /she find out the suitable factory for that specified garments. The factory must be audited by recognized organization like Oeko-tex, WRAP etc. (Depends on Buyer)
  • Do consumption & costing and bargaining with factory for cost for the specific product. Finalize cost and send it to buyer.
  • Then development merchandiser develops the product send 1st pattern for any correction.
  • Usually buyer makes some modification on 1st pattern, so 2nd pattern is submitted according to 1st pattern comments.
  • Then fit sample is made and QC check is it follows the approved 2nd pattern.
  • Then the Red seal sample is sent for approval which is also known as buying sample. And if the red seal sample approved then the order is confirmed.
  • Then production merchandiser starts his work.
  • Production merchandiser basically follows up the total production stage. After getting approval of red seal sample he has to book the fabric and trims.
  • He has to Follow up the fabric and trim arrived in factory in time or not. After all approval he does production planning meeting with factory.
  • QC has to follow the production is running with approved item, fabric and accessories or not. He helps production merchandiser by giving all production information.
  • QC’s main task is to check all samples (red seal, gold seal, web sample etc) sent to buyer, and help factory people if there any confusion with production. 
  • Fabric, trims accessories are checked in lab in buying house. It‘s called in-house test like Bulk fabric hanger, shade variation in shade continuity, lab dip, fabric quality etc.
  • Different types of inspection also done in lab before ex-factory/shipment.
  • After doing ex-factory showing packing list and some commercial activities buying house receive their commission.
Every platform have easy & secure diagram. As a result buying house have diagram where they run step step as per diagram. So, for this call its ''Orgonogram''. If nay platform or buying house will be shine own his business he must be follow his orgonogram. Other wise there business never gain in future.
Working Flow Chart of Buying House
If any person or any business platform gain to success own his life he must be follow code of contact. Otherwise not possible to grow up business. So, for this cause any body can do the reach "Buying House" please as follow below "Flow Chart".

Every organization has its own working procedure. It’s varies from organization to organization. Buying house working procedure is given below.

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