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Quality Certification/Standard Mark

1.    Trade License
2.    Permit from BOI/BSCIC (Not mandatory)
3.    Trade Mark Registration/Copy of Application (Not mandatory)
4.    Label/Marking


Step 1: Collect Application Form from BSTI (Free of cost).
Step 2: Submit Application with supporting documents. Fee for new application is Tk. 50, for renewals Tk. 25. Add supporting documents.
Step 3: Inspection; about-
·         Check Laboratory facilities and collect sample product randomly to test.
·         Health and Hygienic condition of factory premise.
·         Quality of product, Packaging, Filling, Store, Transport etc.
Step 4: Testing- From random sample of the product tests are carried out according to relevant Bangladesh Standard.
Step 5: Upon issuance of certificate a license fee is to be paid based on a formula {(0.1% of minimum production capacity) x (X factory price)}.
Step 6: Obtain License.


For the Testing it takes generally 3-7 days. Frequently delays due to backup occur. Also, time taken depends on the type of product, and can vary from one day to six months. The renewal period is June through August and due to rush can take longer than usual.


Renewal of Quality Certification follows the same process for a new License.

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