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Exp which meaning is ''Export Permission''. Its declare by central bank. Where mentioned all kinds of export procedures information or commodity. In-sightly administrators can allow or prevent a user from exporting data by clicking the Export Permissions option on the Users page. Users will always be limited to exporting only the records that they have permission to see, regardless of whether your account uses Simple or Advanced Permissions.

Its declared by central bank for knowing or processing foreign remittance & export criteria. So, now below I try to described step by step its procedure for ready exp.

First Original
Fist Original is a first page of EXP Form. Here  enclosed four page. Individually page submitted authorized to concerned. Fist Page will be submitted to Lien Bank, Second page submitted for exporter, Third page submitted to Central Bank or Bangladesh Bank & at last four no page submitted custom for goods shipment.

Exp No
This no mentioned serial no of central bank export permission remittance code. This code or number divided three step. If you look exp no beside show ADS CODE its meaning Bank Code , then Serial No its meaning serial no of exp  & at last Serial Year meaning is year of exp posting. May be you guess what i say.

Commodity to be Exported
This step here mentioned goods description  and H.S Code.

Country of Destination
Country of Destination this called where you export goods perfectly.

     > Units
Units meaning here show goods Pcs/Tons/Lbs/etc.
     > Volume
Volume meaning here show goods Weight/Number etc.

    > Currency 
Currency meaning here will show item of money mark up symbol.  Is it USD/EUR/etc.
    > Intercoms Used
Intercoms is terms of shipment mode FOB/CPT/CFR/CIF/etc.
    > Invoice Value
Invoice value is showing amount FOB price.
    > CMD (if applicable)  
CMT stands for cut make trim or cut make and thread. CMT refers to a price component in the cost breakdown of a garment manufacturing price.

Terms of Sales (Sales Contract or LC)
Definition : Contract of sale is defined as “formal contract by which a seller agrees to sell and a buyer agrees to buy, under certain terms and conditions spelled out in writing in the document signed by both parties. Also called agreement of sale, contract for sale, sale agreement, or sale contract.
Name & Address Importer/Consignee
Here mentioned all details who are import goods.

Name of Carrying Vessel
Actually whose vessel carry your goods. Them ship or vessel name mentioned here.

Bill of Lading/Railway Receipt/Air Way Bill/ Truck Receipt/ Post Parcel Receipt
Bill of Lading (B/L) — A document issued by a common carrier to a shipper that serves as: 1. A receipt for the goods delivered to the carrier for shipment. ... Bonded Warehouse — A warehouse authorized by customs for storage of goods on which payment of duties is deferred until the goods are removed.

Port of Shipment/ Post Office of Dispatch
Port of Shipment its meaning  which port (export) deliver your goods.

Land Custom Port
Mode of loading port

Shipment Date
For banking purposes, with shipments by vessel for which on-board marine transport document is issued, the shipment date is considered to be the date of the on-board notation if it is the same date or later that the date on which the document is executed.

Name of Export along Address
Here mentioned exported details of address.

CCI&E Registration Number of Exporter and Date
Exporter export permission Registration Number & Date. 
Sector (Public or Private) Under which Exporter falls
Here mentioned business platform is private or limited. 

May you understand what I described for EXP. If have any confused feel free mail me for getting better information.

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