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Environmental Clearance Certificate

For the purpose of issuance of Environmental Clearance Certificate, the industrial units and projects shall, in consideration of their site and impact on the environment, be classified into the following four categories:-
·         Green
·         Orange-A
·         Orange-B
·         Red
Environmental Clearance Certificate’s shall be issued to all existing industrial units and projects and to all proposed industrial units and projects falling in the Green Category. For industrial units and projects falling in the Orange-A, Orange-B and Red categories, first a Location Clearance Certificate and thereafter an Environmental Clearance Certificate shall be issued.


1.    No Objection Certificate from local authority
2.    Project Profile (On business letter head)
3.    Layout plan
4.    Cadestarial/Cadestra Map with Dag & Khotian
5.    Process Flow Diagram (on business letter head)
6.    Registration of BOI (if required)
7.    Rent Agreement (if required)
8.    Initial Environmental Examination [IEE Report] (If required)
9.    Environmental Management Plan [EMP Report] (If required)
10.  Environmental Impact Assessment [EIA Report] (If required)
11.  Copy of Treasury Chalan


Step 1: Submit application with supporting documents.
Step 2: Verification of application and supporting documents.
Step 3: Inspection by the inspector after verification of all report and documents.
Step 4: Obtain certificate from DOE.


After submission 7 to 10 days (unofficial)


Fees payable under these Rules shall be deposited with the Bangladesh Bank or a Government Treasury by a Treasury Chalan in favour of the Director General under the Head 1 – 4541 – 0000 – 2681


The period of validity of an Environmental Clearance Certificate shall be, in case of Green Category, three years from the date of its issuance and in all other cases one year. Each Environmental Clearance Certificate has to be renewed at least thirty (30) days before expiry.

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