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Major Import for Bangladesh

Bangladesh day by day increasing they are imported from abroad. Basically more & more imported goods show below for better understanding. 

Here are the major import commodities of Bangladesh:
  • Machinery and equipment.
  • Chemicals.
  • Iron and steel.
  • Textiles.
  • Foodstuffs.
  • Petroleum products.
  • Cement.

1. What are the import of Bangladesh ?
Bangladesh Imports. Bangladesh imports mostly petroleum and oil (11 percent of the total imports); textile (10 percent) and food items (9 percent). Others include: iron and steel (7 percent), edible oil (4 percent), chemicals (4 percent), yarn and plastic and rubber articles.

2. What are the doc required for Import of Bangladesh ?

Common Import Documents
  • Commercial Invoice. A commercial invoice is a bill for the goods from the seller to the buyer. ...
  • Export Packing List. ...
  • Pro Forma Invoice. ...
  • Airway Bill. ...
  • Generic Certificate of Origin. ...
  • Dangerous Goods Certificate. ...
  • Insurance Certificate. ...
  • Shipper's Letter of Instruction.

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